Sugar and Herb Syrup for Desserts and Cocktails

Sugar and herb syrup for desserts and cocktails

I like making something that has multiple uses, particularly at this time of year when the kitchen is in catering mode and is grateful for small efficiencies.

A simple sugar syrup can make everyday things special. Pouring the thick liquid over a colourful bowl of fruit salad results in a glossy array of jewels, accented with a hint of emerald from torn mint leaves. Dressing berries in the syrup and adding a scoop of lemon sorbet is deliciously refreshing. And the same flavours work just as well with a big glug of alcohol in festive cocktails.

This syrup combines citrus and herbs to elevate it to a more posh offering. This fresh, zingy syrup is as much a pleasure for your nose as it is for your tastebuds. The lemon and lime are wonderfully fragrant and add a marmalade-like flavour to the syrup, with vanilla hitting the palate as a parting note. The herbs release their oils to add a depth to the sweet and sour syrup, making it a perfect accompaniment to grown-up indulgences. Continue reading