Cherries Dipped in White Chocolate

White chocolate dipped cherries

If you wander through the markets in Australia in December you’re sure to hear a fruit seller booming “The cherries are ripe!” across the stalls. Boxes of cherries line the aisles, ready to be given as Christmas gifts or simply to adorn the table in decoration, given their seasonally-appropriate hue.

Cherries are synonymous with Christmas and the relaxed living we assume during the Summer break. They are a fruit that encourages slowing down, given the whole pip situation, and the relatively little reward you get from each fruit. On a hot day, working your way through a bowl of cold cherries from the fridge, perhaps while watching the cricket on the TV, is an excellent past time if you’re in need of some peace.

I think we all need a little peace on Christmas Day, or at least a break from the heavy, rich food that is sure to be on the table. These chocolate-dipped cherries will provide both.

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