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Look in the fridge
I’m a stickybeak. I love nothing more than stealing a glimpse into other peoples’ lives. I subscribe to real estate emails even when I’m not looking for a house, I pay attention to behind-the-scenes stories and relish trawling through sites like The Selby, So, How Was Your Day and Freunde Von Freunden to see how other people live. I find real life endlessly fascinating, much more so than beautifully styled magazine spreads.

This favourite pastime of mine got me thinking about fridges. This year my fridge has been on show. Friends and family have been kind enough to keep it stocked with food while we get used to parenthood. Nearly everyone who brought a meal commented on how empty our fridge was, clucking over us like this parenting thing had us well and truly beat judging by the state of our fridge! The thing was, it wasn’t that different to how it usually looks.

I brought this up on the weekend with a group of friends who were over for dinner. We proceeded to huddle around our open fridge to analyse it. They concluded that yes, it was very empty, and seriously lacking in half-jars of things, strange ingredients you only use once and what do you mean you only have two jars of jam?!

I look at my fridge and think it’s normal. But I guess everyone does. And isn’t that interesting? I wonder how much a person’s fridge is a reflection of their personality and their approach to food. Is my fridge empty? Or do I only make friends with people who have fridges heaving with food (there’s legs in that theory…).

This has prompted me to start a new semi-regular series here on Simple Provisions. I’m going to ask other bloggers, chefs, gardeners and anyone else interesting to open the door and let us look in their fridge. We’ll see if fridges reflect personalities and how people eat, or at the very least we get to be nosey parkers.

If you feel like playing along, you could win a copy of the new gorgeous magazine Alphabet Journal. (I’m super excited to have contributed to their first issue). Head to Instagram, follow me and post a photo of your fridge with the hashtags #lookinthefridge and #simpleprovisions and tell us the one weird thing you’re harbouring in there. I’ll select a winner next Wednesday at 9am Australian Eastern Standard Time, so get your fridge in before then.*

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who shared their fridge. The contest is now closed.

It seems unfair to ask others to do this if I haven’t revealed all. So here is an unedited, unstyled view of my fridge.

Look in the fridge: Simple Provisions

What’s in your fridge?

It has egg yolks sitting in a bowl that should have probably been used by now, and will be wasted. It has two jars of Meredith Goats Feta, only one of which still has cheese in it, the other I’m keeping for the herby, garlicky oil. There’s currently six different types of cheese, which seems excessive, and a jar of fish oil that I’ve resorted to since moving away from the coast and fresh seafood. My jar of preserved lemons only has a few more tagines left in it and my Pat’s Veg sauerkraut was bought with the best intentions of eating more fermented things, but it’s still sitting there quite full.


What five things do you make sure are always in your fridge?

  • cheese (especially parmesan and goat’s feta)
  • briney things (cornichons, capers, olives)
  • yoghurt
  • ham or bacon
  • oat, soy or rice milk for breakfast and smoothies


If you were hungry right now, what would you open the fridge and reach for?

There’s chicken with couscous and a kale salad left over from a dinner party, so that would do nicely for lunch.


What’s the strangest thing currently in your fridge?

I have a jar of “fire water” that I used to try and battle a head cold. It’s a potent combination of cider vinegar, garlic, oregano, turmeric, horseradish and chilli. The cider vinegar soaks up the fire from the other ingredients for 24 hours, then it’s strained and taken by the tablespoon a couple of times per day. I don’t know if it works, but it certainly feels like it’s doing something when it hits the back of your throat!


What’s your go-to meal with the ingredients usually found in your fridge?

Some form of pasta. If I’ve got tomatoes, then the olives and capers are thrown in with some herbs from the garden to make a puttanesca sauce. If I have eggs, then I have an excuse to open that bottle of white wine, fry it with some garlic and bacon, stir through a couple of beaten eggs and parmesan to make a carbonara sauce.


How would you describe your grocery shopping style?

I’m an unplanned, buy-as-you-need shopper. I’ll buy things that look nice at the market on the weekend, then build meals around them during the week. This usually means I’m stopping in at the grocers or the supermarket every day or two.


Do eggs belong in or out of the fridge?

Out, I like them at room temperature.


Look in the fridge | Simple Provisions

*Alphabet Journal launches next Wednesday, so it may take a week or so to get a copy delivered to me, then to the winner. I’ll be buying a copy and sending it to the winner, Alphabet Journal aren’t affiliated with this competition. 


21 thoughts on “Look in the Fridge

  1. Hi Amelia, great idea. I submitted a photoessay for a uni assignment in 2012 with a similar theme. I chose the theme of “Self-Image” with the idea that one’s fridge expresses their own personal tastes, cultural heritage and interests. I visited the homes of my friends to shoot their fridges. It was quite interesting to witness how confronting this was for some of the participants; they often said that they wanted to clean up their fridge first. Hence adding fuel to my discussion that the fridge represents them. I don’t have a mobile device with instagram but is there another way that I can send you the photo :)

    1. Amelia says:

      How interesting Brendon. I hadn’t thought of the cultural connection, but you’re totally right. Sadly this is an instagram comp, but maybe I’ll run another one soon on Facebook. Thanks so much for telling me about your project.

      1. That’s okay, good luck with the competition :) I’ll definitely be on the lookout for a Facebook version

  2. M-R says:

    Would love to participate, but don’t adhere to any of the social networking things. I just blog – that takes up all the time I can spare.
    Lovely idea, Amelia ! :-)

    1. Amelia says:

      Fair enough M-R! :)

    1. Amelia says:

      Oh my god! The freezer full of booze and meat! Now *that’s* interesting! Thanks so much for sharing Naomi!

  3. Michelle says:

    Oh, me too! All those stories of people snooping in medicine cabinets… Who cares? Give me a refrigerator any day. Especially now that with Kindles and such you can’t size up anybody reliably by looking at their bookshelves.

    1. Amelia says:

      Excellent point Michelle. Technology is definitely making it more difficult to judge others ;)

  4. I’d also like a look in people’s wardrobes. Your fridge is hilariously tidy.

    1. Amelia says:

      My wardrobe is certainly not tidy, if that balances things?

      1. I took a photo of my fridge but it was so awful I just can’t bear to enter it in your competition.

  5. Love the idea of this! I’m so nosy and always look in people’s fridges. It’s like looking at the things people pile up onto a supermarket checkout too. You can tell a lot about people by the food they buy! My fridge is always very empty. Will post up on Instagram soon!

    1. Amelia says:

      Oh yes, checkout snooping is an excellent pass time. Who needs magazines when you can dissect other people’s groceries while waiting in line!

  6. Saskia (1=2) says:

    Ohhh lovely idea Amelia! Wish I could participate. I’m a Pinterest addict but am finding it harder and harder to resist the pull of Instagram! Love the peep into your fridge, which is impeccable! I’m with you – briney things and goat’s fetta are as necessary as eggs and milk methinks.

    1. Amelia says:

      Sas, I’m pretty sure your fridge would win all the things with all those amazing planned overs sitting pretty.

  7. Katechick says:

    It is a fascinating idea, but I couldn’t permit myself to nose as I would hate anyone looking in my fridge. That’s my own issue but it’s certainly inspiring me to give it an overhaul!

    1. Amelia says:

      I totally understand! It felt a bit uncomfortable revealing my fridge to all!

  8. Great idea… but i don’t have a fancy/smart phone either! Good luck!

  9. Juliane says:

    I am really grateful tto the owner of this website who has shared this wonderful article at at this place.

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