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Simple Provisions Christmas Gift Guide

Have you got your Christmas presents sorted yet? If there’s a food-loving person in your family, or you’ve been asked what you would like in your stocking this Christmas, and you need some inspiration, here’s some of my favourite things for food lovers this year.

For more inspiration, check out The Good Stuff Guide. Every year Pip from Meet Me At Mikes produces a guide full of gift ideas, recipes and craft for the holidays. This year I was lucky enough to be asked to contribute and provided a wishlist of items to complement our summery Aussie Christmas.

1. An Everlasting Meal: Cooking with Economy and Grace by Tamar Adler ($11.18 USD)

This is my favourite book to give someone who is interested in food. Inspired by M.F.K Fisher, Tamar sets out to simplify cooking, using her beautiful prose to inspire us to boil a pot of water and rejoice in the possibilities that simple act can create in the kitchen. She represents cooking as a simple, nourishing task that can feed the body and the soul. My copy is full of dog-eared pages that I’ve marked for inspiration, and I return to it often.

2. Haigh’s Murray Cod ($10.25 AUD)

Chocolate is an excellent stocking stuffer. I love this 20cm, chocolate Murray Cod from Haigh’s. Wikipedia describes this fish as a “charismatic” part of Australia’s wildlife, so why not celebrate it in chocolate form?

3. Kobenstyle Cookware by Dansk (Varying prices, available at Macy’s who also ship to Australia)

Once a collector’s item that you had to scour ebay for, Dansk has brought their classic Kobenstyle cookware back into production. Originally designed by Jens H. Quistgaard in 1956, the cookware is both beautiful in its understated Danish style as well as functional and excellent to cook with. The white range is my favourite.

4. PUDinc Plum Pudding ($45-$65 + shipping AUD)

My mum has already spent a day at home preparing our plum pudding for Christmas Day. If you don’t have the time or inclination to dig out the family recipe and hover over a hot stove, listening to a pudding basin rattle around in pot of boiling water for hours, then you could order a pudding from PUDinc. Using organic fruit and high quality booze (the most important part of a Christmas pud), these puddings come wrapped in lovely tea towels and would make a great gift for whoever is hosting your Christmas Day lunch.

5. Magazine subscriptions

Giving a magazine subscription is a popular gift in my family, as it sets the receiver up for a whole year of inspiration. The food magazines that I want to curl up with include Kinfolk, Fete Press, Cereal and Gather.

6. UASHMAMA Washable Paper Bags ($12-79 AUD)

Made in a village in Tuscany, these storage bags are made from paper, but feel like leather and are washable, foldable and very cute. There’s a whole range of products including aprons, totes, purses and lunch bags, but I like these little metallic bags and think they’d look gorgeous on a Christmas table. The bread bag is also extremely practical and would look much nicer on a kitchen bench than a plain old paper bag.

7. Copper Cook’s Tools ($12 US each)

Although I advocate simplicity in cooking, and limit the amount of cooking gadgets and tools I fill my cupboards and draws with, a nice set of kitchen utensils can make even the most mundane of kitchen tasks a little more inspiring. One day I’d love a kitchen with copper accents, until then, these copper utensils would fit in nicely.

8. Woww Tea Towel ($25 AUD)

A nicely-designed, good-quality tea towel is not something you’d necessarily prioritise buying for yourself, which is why it makes such a nice gift. It’s practical, will get loads of use and will remind the receiver of you every time they use it, which is lovely.

9. Season’s Eatings, New Zealand Calendar and Recipe Collection by Dear Colleen ($25 USD)

This is one for those of us in the southern hemisphere. Colleen Pugh is a Kiwi illustrator who’s created a beautiful and whimsical calendar of seasonal produce and recipes. Hang it in the kitchen for a guide to what’s in season, and when 2014 is done, you can tear off the dates along the bottom of each page, and keep it as a cookbook.

14 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Guide

  1. Some wonderful ideas Amelia – particularly love the Dansk cookware and the copper utensils – just beautiful!

    1. Amelia says:

      Wouldn’t a kitchen full of white cookware and copper utensils be gorgeous?! (and probably incredibly impractical ;) )

  2. Saskia (1=2) says:

    This is GORGEOUS Amelia. I especially love the washable paper bags and I’m popping those copper tools directly on my wish list, seriously! They’re beautiful.
    PS. You pipped me at the post though! I’m in the middle of my food-related gift guide too, although by the time I get around to finishing it, it will be January!

    1. Amelia says:

      I look forward to your gift guide, so I can add more items to my wishlist :)

  3. The Everlasting Meal book sounds great — I will add it to the list and possibly buy it for my sister too! Thanks :-)

    1. Amelia says:

      You’re welcome. It’s a great read.

  4. Chris B. says:

    My family aren’t big on food unfortunately, but you’ve really helped with the magazine suggestion! Cheers!

    1. Amelia says:

      Glad to be of help!

  5. daisyrosefashion says:

    Love everything on the list. Fingers crossed Santa is feeling generous this year!

  6. Love your blog. As a fellow Vermonter it’s so nice to have found you. If you have do a blog meet up let us all know – we can learn a lot from you!

  7. helensouness says:

    Just bought the calendars in volume as gifts. Such a great list thanks Amelia, although I guess we should not buy them for you?

  8. joanneemily says:

    Love the copper utensils!

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