Easter in Spring

As an Australian living in New York City I delight in celebrating feast days in the season in which they were first imagined.

A juicy roast turkey in the dark days of Christmas and a tender pink roast lamb at the dawn of a new season at Easter suddenly makes so much sense.

It was a treat to serve up a big hunk of roast beef and foods and drink laden with warm spices on Christmas Day without sweating buckets and worrying whether there was enough ice in the bathtub to keep the beer cold.

And so it was with Easter too. I’ve survived my first NYC Winter and am unnaturally excited about the prospect of cooking with the first bright green shoots of the season. I’m rapturous over the thought of asparagus and am plotting meals based entirely around peas to celebrate the change of weather and the abundance of “new” ingredients it brings.

I took full advantage of the return of green produce at the Union Square Market and served up Spring fare for a few close friends and family to celebrate Easter. We lamented the lack of hot cross buns in the city, whinged about not getting any public holidays and then made a toast to Spring and enjoyed a feast made up of: