Festive White Wine Punch

White Wine Punch : Simple Provisions

The days between Christmas and New Year are some of the best of the year. Time shifts; days come and go with little regard for dates and schedules and softer, more languid living is practiced. Leftover ham answers the call of hunger any time of the day and fresh stone fruit and berries are eaten cold from the fridge as the sun hits its summer stride. This atmosphere calls for fuss-free catering, the kind that simply appears and is appreciated.

New Year’s Eve is a time for pretty drinks. At 39 weeks pregnant I won’t be having a raging night, but I’ll happily serve up a jug of colourful punch for guests. This is a cheat’s white sangria: all show, no fiddly preparation. A bottle of good white wine is infused with fruit and berries and topped with sparkling apple juice and a sprig of rosemary to add some festive cheer. The result is not overly sweet, like some punches can be, and is beautifully refreshing on a hot night as the sun sets.

If you find yourself with remaining fruit in the bottom of the jug, turn it into dessert. The now boozy fruit can be heaped into a bowl and served with fresh cream for an adult fruit salad.

I hope you all have a wonderful start to 2014, leaving behind what no longer serves you and taking all that’s good with you into the new year.

Thank you for reading Simple Provisions in 2013, I’ve loved bringing it to you and really appreciate all the comments and pins and support I’ve been lucky enough to receive. My life will change quite a bit in January with the birth of this baby I’ve been growing for the last nine months, but the blog will go on! I’ve lined up some lovely guest bloggers to share their recipes and thoughts with you. And we’ll see how many posts this baby allows me to squeeze in between now and its birth…

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Spiced Almond and Coconut Milk

Spiced Almond and Coconut Milk | Simple Provisions

The autumn sun is casting beautiful golden light at the moment. It adds a warm glow to my street which is currently lined with bursts of crimson, saffron and the most vivid yellow as the trees prepare to cast off their leaves. With this lovely spectacle comes a chill in the air (to everyone who warned me that Kyneton gets cold, this is your chance to nod knowingly). But the fading sun still has some warmth in it, making it possible to sit outside, as long as your hands are wrapped around a mug of something hot.  Continue reading