Spiced Almond and Coconut Milk

Spiced Almond and Coconut Milk | Simple Provisions

The autumn sun is casting beautiful golden light at the moment. It adds a warm glow to my street which is currently lined with bursts of crimson, saffron and the most vivid yellow as the trees prepare to cast off their leaves. With this lovely spectacle comes a chill in the air (to everyone who warned me that Kyneton gets cold, this is your chance to nod knowingly). But the fading sun still has some warmth in it, making it possible to sit outside, as long as your hands are wrapped around a mug of something hot.  Continue reading

Perfect Scrambled Eggs with a Twist

Perfect Scrambled Eggs with a Twist

It’s the dawn of a new year, and first things first: breakfast. All promises for better living and resolutions to drop bad habits need fuel to come to fruition and what more appropriate way to start fresh than to crack a few eggs and give life to a delicious breakfast.

I have been making scrambled eggs badly for ever. I longed for fluffy eggs with a velvety finish. Instead I’d serve up edible but inelegant eggs that needed a generous serve of crispy bacon to divert attention from the dry yellow mess cowering on the toast.

And then we moved to the country, where new friends have productive chooks and old friends come to stay the night. So with the ingredients at the ready and a desire to cater delicious breakfast for our guests, I set out to learn how to make perfect scrambled eggs.

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