Simple Provisions

Food does not need to be fancy to be celebrated

Last week I had lunch in an Italian cafe near my place. If you follow me on Instagram (I’d love you to!), you may have seen what I had. I couldn’t resist capturing the simple beauty of the meal, and giving a little eulogy on how good it was. Morsels of tasty meat were hidden in …

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New! Simple Provisions is now on Facebook. Get the latest recipes and updates in your news feed by liking Simple Provisions here. A big, informal pie, one with an unfussy crust and a richly flavoured filling, is always a crowd pleaser. The crunch of a spoon breaking through pastry, a veil of steam briefly shrouding …

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A few spectacular storms and crisper, darker mornings have heralded the start of Autumn in Kyneton. The grass in the backyard is becoming less crunchy underfoot as it soaks up the rain, soothing its sunburn, and the pear and apple trees have started to give us their fruit. This is my first Autumn in 18 …

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