Middle Eastern Comfort Food

Two things conspired for me to find this video today.

One: I’m convalescing after my appendix rudely interrupted a planned trip to San Francisco, so I have some time on my hands.

Two: my intense love for Middle Eastern food.

I was recently asked what my favourite food was and the answer is clear. I find the flavours and experience of Middle Eastern food so comforting and exotic. I like the warmth (rather than blow-your-head-off heat) of the spices. The mix of textures keeps things interesting, from the delicacy of the pastries to the sturdiness of the lamb and grains. And the communal approach to a meal is how I love to eat – a big table spread with plates of this and that, and a bunch of hands indecisively hovering then exchanging dishes to share, just feels like a big hug to me.

Today I needed a recipe that was wholesome, comforting and inspiring. And this video lead me to one.

Bethany Kehd’s blog Dirty Kitchen Secrets is an amazing source of inspiration for Middle Eastern dishes. Bethany was born in America, raised in Lebanon, where she lived on a farm with her family and learned the ways of Lebanese food, and she now lives in the UK.

Bethany’s Red Lentil Soup has just shot to the top of my comfort food list.