Mother’s Day Breakfast: Yoghurt with Toasted Quinoa, Nuts and Fruit

Yoghurt with Toasted Quinoa, Nuts and Fruit on Simple Provisions

Breakfast isn’t often sophisticated. It can be satisfying, sure. Or hearty. Maybe even a treat. But sophisticated isn’t a word that gets used for breakfast regularly. It is, however, the correct term to describe this dish when presenting it to your mum this Sunday for Mother’s Day.

It’s a very simple recipe, but don’t let that fool you. This plate is full of texture and dances a fine line between savoury and sweet. With persian flavours and several surprising elements, it is both interesting and delicious to eat as well as beautiful to look at. 

Yoghurt with Toasted Quinoa, Nuts and Fruit on Simple Provisions

A generous serve of thick, tart, greek yoghurt forms the base of this breakfast. This smooth start is offset by a middle eastern inspired scattering of roasted almonds, pistachios and sultanas, which adds flavour. Dates or dried figs also work really well.

But it is the pop and crunch of the quinoa that is the real delight of this dish. Dry roasting quinoa gives it a nutty taste, and only takes a few minutes. There’s no need to rinse or otherwise cook the tiny grains, just roast them in a pan and sprinkle them over the yoghurt. Using red quinoa adds a visual treat, but you can use any quinoa you have on hand.

Adding a pinch of lemon zest brightens the dish, and a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt grounds everything in a more savoury place than expected.

Yoghurt with Toasted Quinoa, Nuts and Fruit on Simple Provisions

A mouthful of this breakfast truly takes you on a journey, from the tart yoghurt through the toasty nuts and grains to the sweet fruit. It is made even more perfect when a salty flake hits your tongue and combines with the olive oil to remind you of its savoury side.

You could toast your quinoa and nuts the night before, keeping them in an air-tight container, so all you have to do in the morning is assemble the plate. Serve this breakfast with a coffee, a fresh croissant from your local bakery and your mum’s favourite magazine, offering her a sophisticated start to her day.

Happy Mother’s Day mums!

Yoghurt with Toasted Quinoa, Nuts and Fruit

Ever so slightly altered from the original recipe on Food52

Serves 1 (double or quadruple as needed), takes about 15 minutes to make

    • 1/2 tablespoon red quinoa
    • 5 shelled pistachios (raw or salted, either will work)
    • 5 almonds
    • 1/2 cup Greek yogurt
    • 1/2 tablespoon sultanas (or 2 dates or 1 fig)
    • Pinch of freshly grated lemon zest
    • Flaky sea salt or other coarse salt
    • 1 teaspoon best quality olive oil

Dry roast the quinoa by placing it in a small pan over a medium heat. It will begin popping when it’s toasted. When you hear that, pour the quinoa into a bowl to cool.

Add the nuts to the pan and toast, shaking the pan to keep the nuts from burning on one side. Set the nuts aside to cool.

Spread the yoghurt on a plate. Sprinkle the quinoa, pistachios, almonds and sultanas over the top. Grate lemon zest over everything and add a pinch of sea salt from a height. Finish with a drizzle of olive oil.

30 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Breakfast: Yoghurt with Toasted Quinoa, Nuts and Fruit

  1. Amelia, I am always so happy when I receive notification you have posted! Your cooking is very inspirational. We love thick creamy greek yogurt and I am going to experiment with some of the delightful seeds and grains you have shared. Especially the toasted quinoa. Thank you.

    • Thank you Libby, that’s lovely of you. I love the idea for your blog – Nigel’s Kitchen Diaries are fabulous cookbooks, I’m a massive fan.

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  3. That looks amazing! I love quinoa but never thought of having it toasted with yoghurt. I will definitely try this!

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