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Chicken Pot Roast With Potatoes, Shallots and Peas

When kitchens were built around large hearths and blackened pots bubbled while suspended over hot coals, pot roasting was a popular technique used to transform cheap cuts of meat into flavourful meals. Not much has changed. Sticking a chicken in a pot with some bacon, veggies and half a bottle of wine will result in a big flavoured, robust meal that will reward a decent appetite.

It’s the teamwork of the meat and the vegetables that I appreciate in a pot roast. They nestle together in the close quarters of a dutch oven, sharing cooking liquid, adding flavour and collaborating to produce a well-balanced offering.

Chicken Pot Roast With Potatoes, Shallots and Peas

A pot roast requires a heavy, decent sized pot with a tight fitting lid that likes the oven as much as the stove top. Browning the meat before putting it in the oven will give your finished dish that gorgeous golden colour as well as a hit of flavour.  The meat is made succulent by the long and slow braise in the oven, giving the potatoes and aromatic shallots a chance to soften and soak up the seasoning of the  juices.

Root vegetables, aromatics and succulent meat is the kind of earthy meal that grounds you on a winter afternoon. Yet I am loathe to fully let go of summer, so I added a light lemon, parsley and parmesan sauce to this dish to brighten it up. It’s a great sauce for any version of a roast chicken, but when it melts over the chicken and into the sweetness of the peas and shallots in this dish, it’s a particularly welcome addition (though totally optional).

It takes about an hour to cook, but in that hour you’ll have half a bottle of wine to dispose of thoughtfully. Slow cooking is lovely like that.

Chicken Pot Roast With Potatoes, Shallots and Peas

Chicken Pot Roast With Potatoes, Shallots and Peas


  • 1.5-1.9kg chicken 
  • 25g butter
  • 175g bacon or pancetta, cut into cubes
  • 500g potatoes, washed (peeled if you can be bothered, I didn’t)
  • 6 shallots or small onions, peeled
  • ½ bottle white wine
  • 250g peas, frozen is fine

Lemon, Parsley and Parmesan Sauce (optional)

  • 1 clove garlic, minced
  • 1/2 cup finely chopped flat-leaf parsley
  • 1/2 cup extra-virgin olive oil
  • Zest of one lemon
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice
  • 1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese
  • 1/2 teaspoon coarse salt


Pre-heat oven to 220C/430F.

Season the chicken inside and out with salt and pepper. Heat the butter in a casserole dish with a lid until sizzling, then take 10 mins to brown the chicken on all sides. Remove the chicken from the dish, then fry the bacon until crisp. Add the potatoes and shallots, then cook until just starting to brown. Nestle the chicken among the vegetables, pour over the wine. Place the lid on the casserole dish and put in the oven for an hour (a bit more or less depending on the size of your chook).

To make the lemon, parsley and parmesan sauce, combine all ingredients in a bowl, season to taste.

After an hour, remove the chicken onto a big serving tray and place the pan back on the heat. Stir the peas into the buttery juices with the other veggies. Simmer until the peas are cooked through. Remove the potatoes, peas and shallots with a slotted spoon to the serving tray with the chicken. Spoon some of the cooking juices over everything then drizzle the lemon, parsley and parmesan sauce over the chicken.

This is based on a recipe from BBC Good Food

46 thoughts on “Chicken Pot Roast With Potatoes, Shallots and Peas

  1. Darya says:

    Beautiful and delicious!

  2. The image of the pesto made it for me. And the plate too! I tried your chicken and leek pie. The cooking was a success, thank you! with some minor accident. But that was entirely my fault, not yours (for not following instructions and making a shortcut =).

    1. Amelia says:

      Thanks Dolly. I’m glad the pie was a partial success at least :)

  3. heididmedina says:

    Beautiful dish and pictures. I just wanted to lick the screen :)

    1. Amelia says:

      Ha! I definitely licked the plate :)

  4. CateyLou says:

    What a gorgeous dinner! That sauce should not be optional – it looks too good not to make!

    1. Amelia says:

      It definitely adds something a bit special.

  5. This looks completely delicious, and lovely and spring-y! Great recipe, and even better – less washing up!

    1. Amelia says:

      Yes! I love a one-pot dish for that reason.

  6. Beautiful! I cannot wait to dry this delicious recipe! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Amelia says:

      You’re welcome!

  7. Louisa says:

    Sounds awesome, Amelia! I love roasts this time of year and I think you’re right about having a lighter sauce, it’s not quite time for heavy winter food yet. That’s the best thing about autumn, you can have a bit of summer and winter!

    1. Amelia says:

      Exactly Louisa!

  8. I love your photos and this chook looks fabulous! I will have to try out, with that bottle of wine too.

    1. Amelia says:

      The wine is the most enjoyable bit ;)

  9. If not this weekend, this is getting made the weekend after. PS i made your afternoon tea cake the other day for work, and it was a raging success. I topped it with lime zest and a cardamom/pistachio jaggery sugar mix made by Gewerzhaus spice shop: delicious.

    1. Amelia says:

      That topping sounds divine Jane! I hope you got suitable appreciation from colleagues for baking for them.

  10. That’s a beautiful looking bird! I’m drooling just looking at it. Beautiful photos, btw.

    1. Amelia says:

      Thank you! It certainly tasted good.

  11. baldpom says:

    This looks awesome Amelia – I just need to get a decent pot so I can try it.

    Do you have any recommendations (or what are you using)

    1. Amelia says:

      I use (and love) an Emile Henry dutch oven that I was given as a present. It is perfect for this, as well as curries, stews and soups. It holds heat really well and cooks very evenly. A nice birthday present for your Juzzy?

  12. paula says:

    so happy to of discovered your blog, it is delicious !! and Kyneton you are so lucky WE LOVE IT THERE !! look forward to following you :)

    1. Amelia says:

      Thank you Paula! I recently discovered your blog too – and I’m in love with all your dinner plates.

  13. bec {daisy and the fox} says:

    yummm! love a good cosy roast! :) pancetta would just be a dream in it!
    thanks for sharing!

    and just found your blog and absolutely love! all the recipes have me salivating! :) looking forward to your next post :)

    1. Amelia says:

      Thanks for those lovely words Bec. Welcome! It’s lovely to have you here :)

  14. Gorgeous chicken! I wish I had it for dinner tonight! Pinned!

  15. annmahnet says:

    Lovely recipe to bridge the seasons. And that sauce…! The parmesan cheese is a genius touch.

  16. LaddyK says:

    Made this for dinner tonight and could not have been happier. Fresh, well balanced, and great flavors. Thanks! I’ve bookmarked your blog. :)

    1. Amelia says:

      I’m so pleased! Thanks so much for telling me.

  17. mitahaha says:

    wow ●_● this looks very delicious ♥ I wish I could be like you ╥﹏╥

  18. It’s almost time for bed and my tummy is growling after seeing that photo! Looking forward to trying out this recipe :)

  19. I’ve recently started a new blog, “Just a Roast Chicken” that is simply about cooking a different roast chicken recipe each week for a year. It’s something that I was challenged to do due by family due to my love of cooking roast chickens in all sorts of different ways. Needless to say, I’m going to be struggling for ideas at some point soon! I would love to cook this recipe and use your blog as reference. I really love your photography. You have inspired me. This is an area that I really need to work on.

    1. Amelia says:

      Hi Natalie. Of course you can use this recipe as a reference. I love the idea for your blog. Best of luck with it.

  20. This is comfort food to the max. I’m glad I found your blog, beautiful snaps.

  21. This looks so delicious!

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