Simple Provisions

Food does not need to be fancy to be celebrated

I haven’t had a back yard since I was a kid, so any attempts I’ve had at growing a kitchen garden have been limited to balconies.

I’ve had no success with veggies, mixed results with herbs, but succulents have always come through with the goods.

They are my kind of plant: low maintenance, interesting to look at and multiply like rabbits. The latter means that you can snip off some flowers (leaves?) and incorporate them into indoor floral arrangements or dinner party table settings knowing there will be more to cut next week.

Many of these images are from wedding tables – but who said weddings should have all the fun? Succulents are so user-friendly, they’ll easily add some magic to your kitchen table every day.

Mixing colourful flowers with succulents on a big hunk of wood is so pretty, no? From the delightfully floral minds at Flora Grubb

A divine desert table that makes me want to run into the Californian desert immediately. From Once Wed.

Super simple: find box with some patina and stick some succulents in it. From Ruffled.

I couldn’t help putting in another idea from Flora Grubb. Their style is so gorgeous and inspiring. They make it look easy!

One thought on “Succulent Centrepieces

  1. A visual feast! Absolutely beautiful!

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